After skipping Thursday and Friday because of the weather, we were anxious to get to Atco with plenty of time to tech-in, we left home at 3am and rolled into town at 6am. A forewarning to any of you early birds out there; the ONLY thing open in Tabernacle NJ before 8am on a Saturday is Dunkin’ Donuts. When we arrived at the track we were met with some interesting news. For what I think is the first time ever at Atco during an NHRA event, all classes ran the 1/8 mile only. Bazaar, but I see their point- I have yet to pull the chutes in any car, but when I finally do I can only hope that the wind will be gusting at much less than 40 MPH. After the first round of Top Sportsman qualifying Rob and the Corvette clocked in with a 4.35 at 161 MPH making us the fastest car in the field! Although we ended up starting eliminations in 2nd, not one of us could have been happier. This was an exciting first for T&F Racing.

We’re certainly on our way, but we still have a lot of kinks to work out too. As resident female I have implemented a few things that I think will really improve our performance;  color-coded organization systems, personalized calendars, hand-sewn fire suit labels, healthy diets and hydration hydration hydration… among other things. I’m just doing what I can to make it easier for the boys to do their thing: getting us down the track FAST. This weekend they taught me how truly thrilling consistency can be. Trying 100 different ways to make something better is why racing is fun, finally getting it right on try number 101 is why we keep doing it.