T&F Drag Racing Gainesville Florida

In January we made a 20 hour trek down the eastern seaboard to Gainesville Raceway. Our cars hadn’t seen a track in nearly three months so the drive was well worth it, and Florida was a welcome reprieve from the foot of snow we were getting at home. If you ever find yourself passing through the Florida-Georgia border on I95 make sure and stop at their welcome center for a free glass of fresh squeezed orange juice!

This was my second trip to Gainesville; 2 years ago I went down with dad and we got our door car licenses. This time, we came down with the whole team, two rigs, two cars and this time both my sister Amanda and I were registered for Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School. Everyone had some fun instigating a friendly sibling rivalry, it was like we were back in High School again; chemistry class was always more like comedy hour!

The team ended up packing it in early; with a record low of 22 degrees the water box became the ice box- goes without say that the Corvette wouldn’t be heading down the track. But Hawley’s School stuck it out and waited for the sun to do it’s job just in time for me to make my sixth and final run! I’m sure anyone who has driven that fast will tell you; there’s nothing like it. I’m chomping at the bit to get into my own car this spring, until then watching the rest of the team top out at over 200mph will have to do.