Tim Taub NEOPMA NHRA T&F Racing Camaro Pro ModTimothy Taub

Team Owner & Driver of the ’69 Camaro Pro-Mod

Tim has been an adamant classic muscle car collector since 1985, but he has had a passion for cars since before his feet could reach the pedals. Starting a team like this one has always been a dream, it’s just been a matter of waiting for the right people to come along. He has been looking forward to this for over 30 years and in 2008 he will be behind the wheel of the ’69 Camaro Pro-Mod. Tim is also the owner of T&F Enterprises, a plumbing and heating corporation based on Long Island, NY which he founded in 1983.

Rob Nicola NEOPMA NHRA T&F Racing Corvette Pro ModRob Nicola

Engine Developer & Driver of the ’53 Corvette Pro-Mod

Rob has been racing for almost 40 years. He first started out in Super Comp Dragsters going on to join the TRW Sportsman All-Star Team in 1985, winning the Bowling Green Div. 1 Championship as well as two division wins at Englishtown and Coyote Canada. Rob is also the owner and founder of Engine Research Development (ERD) based in Patchogue, NY. With over 30 years in the business, ERD Race Engines of Long Island has built a reputation for success; look for them in several of the T&F race cars.

DSC_1594Amy Taub

Manager & Driver of the Top Dragster

Amy has been driving since she was a little tot. She first took driving on as a sport at the age of 4 with pegs on the pedals of her first go-kart. She’s looking forward to finally competing with the 632 Dragster. Amy holds a masters in Public Administration and has spent the last several years working in marketing for companies including Taylor & Francis, The New York Times, Vivial and a few tech startups. As team manager she will be working to establish the T&F name in the racing community!